Vibration Monitoring & Predictive Maintenance Products




Masibus VT7S12E


VT7S12E Dual Channel Vibration Transmitter

Applications for VT7S12E

  • Input type: accelerometer
  • Acceleration, velocity or displacement (field selectable range)
  • Dynamic buffered signal output for analysis
  • 4 Relays
  • 4-20mA output proportional to vibration level per channel
  • Measurement of overall vibration in rotating machines
  • VT7S12E can be used stand alone one instrument for all types of vibration parameter and range

VMS-4SE Multi-channel Vibration Monitor

Applications for VMS-4SE

  • 4/8 Channels vibration monitor
  • Measurement parameter: displacement, velocity, acceleration
  • RS485/ Ethernet port output for communication
  • 4-20mA Buffer output
VMS-4SE Multi-channel Vibration Monitor


VSW160 Vibration Switch


VSW160 Vibration Switch

Applications for Vibration switch

  • Three in one (transmitter, indicator and switch)
  • Remote sensor and In-built sensor option
  • Relay output with status indicator
  • Available in IP65/ flame proof version (optional)
  • Vibration switch provides essential protection for critical fans, pumps, motors and other industrial machines
  • Ideal for CTID fan monitoring

    VMS-R Rack Based Vibration Monitor

    Applications for Vibration Monitor

    • 19” Rack based Vibration Monitor
    • Accepts Accelerometer and Proximity input
    • Programmable Proximity input range
    • Upto 9 Input / Output Slots
    • Inbuilt Flash memory for Datalogging
    • Windows based utility software for configuration
    • Dual RS485 port (Modbus RTU protocol), Ethernet port / USB port
    • Buffered output for analysis, Relay/ Open Collector output
    • Diagnostics and status LEDs
    • Provides continuous, overall and periodic monitoring and Protection for pump/ motor/ generator/ turbine
    VMS-R Rack Based Vibration Monitor


    VM908 Vibration Meter


    VM908 Vibration Meter

    Applications for VM908

    • 3½ LCD digital display
    • Parameter: displacement, velocity, acceleration
    • Portable meter for periodic monitoring
    • Measure offline vibration data from critical equipment; compare data with ISO standards to know maintenance requirement of equipment

    409-S RPM Monitor

    Applications for 409-S RPM

    • RPM – display – switch
    • Various RPM range available
    • Relay and analog output
    • Machine speed monitoring and protection
    • Provides non-contact measurement of rotor speed
    409-S RPM Monitor

    409-S RPM

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