Signal Conditioners & Transmitters




9000U – Signal Isolator

Applications for 9000U

  • Three port isolation
  • Single/ dual output options
  • Wide range of input/ output signal types (mA, mV, VDC)
  • High CMRR and NMRR

9000U+ / 9000C – Signal Isolator

Applications for 9000U+ / 9000C

  • Slim and compact design
  • Universal Power Supply Range: 20V to 265V DC or AC
  • Three port isolation
  • Single/ dual output options
  • Wide range of input/ output signal types (mA, mV, VDC)
  • High CMRR and NMRR
  • HART pass through feature
  • Field interface device
  • Isolation of field signals & distribution of signals
  • Distribution of signals
  • Impedance matching of transmitters and receiver instruments
MCC Panels


UT-94 Universal Transmitter with Display

Applications for UT-94

  • Smart universal transmitter with local display
  • Three port isolation
  • Software selectable mA and V output
  • In-built transmitter power supply
  • Digital filter & square root extractor

SGT-18 Strain Gauge Transmitter

Applications for SGT-18

  • Selectable load cell input ranges.
  • Load cell excitation voltage selectable from 5 to 15V DC (factory set)
  • Tare adjustment through Keypad/ DI
  • User selectable Gross and Net values
  • Zero and Span calibration by front Keypad
  • Retransmission o/p
  • Programmable high/low alarm relay (optional)
  • RS485 Interface (optional)
  • 4 Digit LED display
  • Signal conversion for use with PLC and SCADA systems
  • Dynamic and static weighing applications
Soft Starter Panels



PLC Panels


TT7S Temperature Transmitters

Applications for TT7S

  • Loop/ AUX powered models, head and DIN rail mount
  • Isolated and linearized output
  • Universal RTD, T/C, mV and Ohm input
  • Online PC programmable
  • Sensor break upscale/ downscale option
  • Signal Isolation between system and field
  • Remove high common mode voltage/ ground loop currents

HT7S Humidity cum Temperature Transmitter

Applications for 8204

  • Measuring range 0-100% RH
  • Linearized analog 4-20 mA signal output
  • Class-A RTD Pt-100 sensor
  • Available in wall/ duct mount and flame proof options
  • Ideal for HVAC application, weather telemetry
  • Building automation, clean rooms, research laboratories
  • Pharmaceutical labs/ industries
APFC Panels


Control Desk And Mimic Panels


HT16Ew Wireless Temp./ RH Transmitter and Logger

Applications for HT16Ew

  • Battery operated (rechargeable option available)
  • Low power consumption
  • Full function LCD display
  • Works on long range zigbee wireless protocol
  • Logs up to 400,000 records
  • Hi/Lo alarm status
  • Pharmaceutical warehouse/ plant temp./ RH monitoring
  • Automatic data capture for 21CFR compliance
  • Monitoring of cold storage, laboratory, store rooms etc.

8/16 Channel Analog & Digital I/O FIB

Applications for FIB

  • Variety of Analog and Digital I/O modules
  • In-built protection where required
  • Compact size and high stability
  • Independent zero and span adjustment for each channel
  • Eliminates long installation time and costly wiring errors

4/8 Channel Modbus Relay FIB

Applications for FIB

  • 4/ 8 Channel option
  • Compact universal DIN rail mount with RS485
  • Output can be expanded up to 31 expansion modules
    per controller
  • Slave ID selection can be done using DIP switch
  • Protect expensive control systems against field faults
  • Eliminate ground loop problems
  • Isolate and translate field signals
  • Field interface for PLC/ DCS/ SCADA
  • Reduce cost/channel for RTD/ TC input
APFC Panels


8 Channel RTD / Thermocouple FIB

Applications for FIB

  • 8 Channel Linearized RTD/TC input
  • Fully Programmable for Input type & Range
  • Sensor break detection

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