Distributed control systems




AC 800M Controller

A Programmable Automation Controller, designed to achieve high availability for control applications in the process industry

The rich function block library includes several types of control loops, including advanced control and auto-tune capabilities as well as integration for ABB drives and motors. The controller communication by means of Ethernet includes onboard RNRP redundancy along with a broad set of communication modules to connect to third-party devices. A superior redundancy concept allows for fast switch-over times and topologically separated CPU-modules. Several CPU modules are available, varying in terms of processing power, memory size and redundancy support. Priority controlled, time-based tasks allow the highest stability in even complex control tasks.

Supporting standard IEC 61131-3 programming languages, Compact Control Builder is the tool for engineering the control code and the hardware layout of AC 800M-eA. It creates logic, sequential and analogue control-intensive automation solutions for all existing controllers in the automation system to be handled in one database. The flash memory card allows loading applications without the need to utilize the engineering tool to support OEM and remote solutions.

The AC 800M-eA for Compact Control Builder is a family of PACs built as a rail – mounted modules, consisting of CPUs, communication modules, power supply modules and various accessories. There are 7 CPUs to choose from, ranging from medium processor power and low cost to high processor power and support for full redundancy.

S800 I/O – open process I/O system

Scales from low cost, standard function to high-end features like hot-swap, HART, time tagging, redundancy down to I/O channel.

S800 I/O is an open comprehensive, distributed, process I/O system that communicates with controllers by direct connection or over industry-standard field buses. Thanks to its open connectivity it fits a wide range of process controllers from ABB and others.

By permitting installation in the field, close to sensors and actuators, S800 I/O reduces the installation cost by reducing the cost of cabling.

S800-eA I/O Scales from low cost, standard function to high end features like hot-swap, HART, time tagging, redundancy down to I/O channel.

S800L-eA remote I/O Compact, cost-effective I/Os for PLC applications in the process industry.

S900 remote I/O The remote S900 I/O system can be installed directly in zone 1 and zone 2 hazardous areas.

S800 I/O - open process I/O system

S800 I/O – open process I/O system

Freelance DCS

Freelance is a full-fledged distributed control system that combines the advantages of DCS and PLC

 The integrated environment simplifies engineering, commissioning, maintenance and field-bus management. The intuitive operator interface enables easy operation and diagnosis of the entire system. Freelance is proven for 20 years and fully compatible with older versions.

Freelance Controllers

 AC 700F is meant for applications with up to 300 I/O signals per AC 700F controller. This PLC-like controller comes with a very small footprint. S700 direct I/O modules can be directly plugged to the controller module. AC 900F is the most powerful controller in the Freelance controller series.

AC 800F opens up the flexibility of Fieldbus technology and provides access to the Fieldbus of your choice: FOUNDATION Fieldbus, PROFIBUS, or HART.

AC 900F is the most powerful controller in the Freelance controller family. It supports PROFIBUS and Modbus TCP and typically supports 1,500 I/Os per controller in the standard version. AC 900F Lite supports up to 400 I/O.


A range of easy to use, intuitive human system interface solutions for the process automation industry

The Essential HSI Suite offers end users, engineers and system integrators a range of user-friendly and intuitive human-system interfaces. The suite includes a scalable PC based SCADA system for real-time operation including a high-performance graphics library; options for alarm management, text messaging and read-only remote access via ABB‘s Smart Client technology.

Compact HMI : A scalable PC based SCADA system for real-time operation of your plant

Based on the premium technology of ABB‘s System 800xA DCS with its leading object oriented engineering platform, it can be used in a variety of diverse industries, ranging from a single operator workstation, 50 signals and scale up to applications with several thousand signals and workplaces. 

Designed with Microsoft Windows® standard of interaction, Compact HMI supports Windows 8.1 and Windows Server 2012 R2. This provides exceptional ease of use, unmatched performance and cost savings. 

Not only can Compact HMI directly interface to a large num­ber of OPC-compliant controllers but also it comes with built in drivers to connect to major PLCs.

System 800XA

ABB’s new release of System 800xA enhances security, supports upgrades on older platforms like Windows XP operating system 

System 800xA is known for delivering productivity through consolidating process, electrical, safety, and telecoms in one system and providing the ultimate high-performance operator control room environment featuring the Extended Operator Workplace.
This sixth generation release, commonly called v6, is not only for new projects but has been specially developed to support upgrades of older DCS systems running on unsupported operating systems such as Microsoft XP. System 800xA v6 provides customers with a more secure automation environment that lowers the total cost of ownership while providing countless opportunities to improve operational productivity.

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