We Serve Automate Solution to Industries. They are mentioned Below :

Sugar Plant

Sugar Industry Solutions

We provide comprehensive engineering solutions for various applications in Sugar & Distillery Processing Lines. We have recently commissioned a complete DCS system based on ABB SCADA, covering all sections of sugar refining process including Filtration, Decolorisation, Batch Pan Control and Product handling.

Below are the sections, which are covered in this industry; 

  • Auto Cane Feed Control System (DCS/PLC/CONVENTIONAL)
  • Milling Control System (DCS/PLC/CONVENTIONAL)
  • Mill Over load Control System (DCS/PLC/CONVENTIONAL)
  • Mill D. Chute Flapper Control (DCS/PLC).
  • Differential Pressure Control System (DCS/PLC/)
  • Automation of PAN Feed Control System (DCS/PLC/).
  • Boiler Automation Control System (DCS/PLC/).
  • Auto Lime Dosing System (DCS/PLC/).
  • Temperature Indicator.
  • Roller Lift Indicator (Digital).
  • System Flow Meter cum Totalizer.
  • Water Flow Meter With Totalizer.
  • Juice Flow Stabilization System (DCS/PLC/).
  • Automation of P.R.D Station (DCS/PLC/).
  • Automation of De-Super Heating System.
  • Automation of Molasses receiving Tank (PLC/DCS based Three Loop Control System)
  • Condensate Water Conductivity Control System.
  • Mill House Bearing Temp. Indicating System.
  • Centrifugal Machine Automation (DCS/PLC).


Cement Plant

Cement Industry Solution

Cement manufacturing as a process and as a core industry has undergone many stages of transformation in recent years. We holds deep domain knowledge of the industry and hence, is equipped to offer customized service that are directed to meet the needs of clients from cement plants.

We delivers reliable Automation Solutions for cement plants. We also execute turnkey cement projects for Cement Plants. 

In cement we have done applications including: 

  • Grinding Unit automation
  • Packing Plant
  • Fly ash Handling
  • Crushing Plant
  • Bulk Loading Section
  • Fly ash Silo
  • Roller Press
  • Silo Extraction system
  • Turnkey Projects with commissioning
  • AMC for Control Systems

Power Plant

Power Plants solution

The Power Industry is very fast growing industry and Solutions are available for Power Distribution, Transmission and Generation. We offer Power plant Automation solutions for both conventional Power Plants like Thermal Power plants as well as non-conventional Power plants like Solar, Wind Power, Hydel Power as well as Bio Diesel plants. The Power portfolio includes variety of applications like 

  • Power Generation including Boiler Automation
  • Coal Handling Plant, Ash Handling plant
  • Complete Instrumentation package for Power plant
  • Solar Power Plant Automation
  • Rotational Load Power Shedding
  • Substation Automation
  • Energy Management Solutions
  • Power Distribution

We undertake complete automation as well as Turnkey Instrumentation packages in Power Industry.

    Chemical Plant

    Chemical Industry Solution

    We are equipped to undertake Process Automation projects in various process industries specially Chemical & Petrochemical Plants. Below are the areas of application are:

    • Edible Oil Refineries
    • Chemical Plants
    • Pesticide Formulation Plants
    • Soap and Detergent Manufacturing
    • Petrochemical Industry

      Water Treatment Plant

      Water Treatment and Waste Management

      The water is one of the scarcest natural resource on earth today and lots of investments are happening in Water and Waste water industry. Whether it is treatment of water in WTPs (Water Treatment Plants), STPs (Sewage Treatment Plants), ETPs (Effluent Treatment Plants) the automation has become mandatory to meet process requirements as well as regulatory compliance’s.

      Our solutions range from automation to turnkey Instrumentation packages including supply and erection of Valves, Instruments and other Analyzers. The applications include:

      • Water Distribution for large cities and towns
      • Water Treatment plants with distribution
      • Irrigation including water pumping and distribution in farms in villages
      • Sewage Treatment plants for Municipal corporations
      • Effluent Treatment Plants for various manufacturing plants
      • RO plants and Tube wells automation

      We undertake complete electrical solutions, automation solutions as well as Instrumentation packages for Water industry. We have done these applications with Municipal corporations of various states as well as with private industry. We also have an expertise in offering wireless communication solutions with RTUs and centralized monitoring and control.

      Pharmaceutical plant

      Pharmaceutical Solution

      A pharmaceutical company, or drug company, is a commercial business licensed to research, develop, market and/or distribute drugs, most commonly in the context of healthcare.

      We Have a Solution for the Pharmaceuticals company


      • Measurement solutions
      • Production control by continuous maintenance of correct concentrations in the various process liquids
      • Control of ultrapure water/water for injection
      • Product control before bottling
      • Increased reuse and recovery of CIP chemicals and product wastes
      • Improved phase separation – reducing the overall environmental pressure


      • High availability of automation and production process
      • Automatic scaling compensation
      • High quality of end products
      • Improved operational efficiency

      Paper Industry plants

      Paper Industry Solution

      A Paper Industries make papers by process of plants and we give solution for process in any industry, You need to meet the challenges of global competition, higher production costs, and stringent environmental standards. That means you must streamline manufacturing processes while minimizing water, energy, and material costs. In addition, you need to improve product quality, productivity, and capacity while reducing downtime.

      Executing real-time control and maintaining critical process parameters means you can respond to customer demands. Our dedicated industry team will apply specific application and process experience to create manufacturing automation and control systems that help pulp and paper mills achieve their goals.

      From solutions for the wood yard through finishing and shipping, we have the products, services, and world-wide support to deliver end-to-end pulp and paper mill production solutions.

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